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Capital Campaign

Montessori Educational Center has a rich history in Central Louisiana. Since opening its doors to six primary-aged children in 1978, the school has continued to add capacity.

Increased space was a critical need in the facility. The Montessori Board of Directors implemented a capital campaign to augment the facility to meet the needs of increasing numbers of students. In January of 2017 a new 5000 square foot building was opened to accommodate upper elementary and middle school classrooms. An additional parking area was added as well.

The Board is asking for commitments to raise the $500,000 needed to retire the debt incurred during the expansion.


Capital Campaign FAQ

What does the project entail?

  • Modifications in the main building to increase the size of the lower elementary classrooms and add a bathroom to the “new” classroom.
  • Build a new 5000 square foot building to house two upper elementary classrooms and one middle school classroom.
  • Create an additional gravel parking area in front of the new building.

Why do we need more classrooms?

Enrollment has increased 21% over the last five years. This growth has primarily been focused in the elementary and middle school programs. 

More and more families are seeing the advantages to continuing the Montessori program past preschool. Historically, our enrollment numbers have been much higher in preschool than in elementary. With this shift in demand, we need to ensure that there is sufficient capacity in our elementary and middle school programs so that we can accept every child in preschool who wants to continue at MEC. Our current infrastructure does not permit this.

How much money needs to be raised?

We are seeking to raise $500,000 over a four year capital campaign. To date, 20% of this amount has been donated or pledged through early commitments.

Are there plans to increase capacity in the toddler or primary areas?

Not at this time. Growth in these areas would require additional space in the elementary and middle school grades as well. We are currently planning growth only to be able to permit all current students to be able to continue through our entire program.

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